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  1. Base Artigas - Uruguay - Operación Antarkos XVI 1999 - 2000 (in Spanish)
    Original URL: (Webmaster's response)

  2. El Proyecto Antawa (also in Uruguay)
    "The Antawa Project, is an idea to bring together, people related to Antarctic activities, particularly in the Spanish speakers community."
    Original URL:

  3. Dave Stirling's Home for Cinderellas
    Dave passed on c.2006
    Original URL:

  4. Stamp Collecting for Kids, by W. J. Bill Finch
    Note: Wilfred J "Bill" Finch passed away on June 7, 2003.
    Original URL:

  5. Stamp Word, by Vasilis Konstantinidis (his response)
    An MS-Word template, built to help philatelic collectors design their own stamp album pages.
    P.S. If you have a stamp from Greece (Hellas) and you need information about it, just scan it and send it to me by e-mail, I'll be happy to help
    original URL :

  6. David Cassar's General information for the beginning stamp collector.
    David lives in Malta (in Europe) {David's response}
    Original URL:

  7. The Boy Scout's Stamp Collecting Merit Badge, Troop 685, San Diego, California, USA
    Original URL:

  8. Free Vineland Republic (Ms. Henrietta Vinsangh), @1, @2, @3*
    Original URL's: &
    cf. stampcat.htm#Bidner>Michael bidner.htm>Bidner stamp (xref Artistamps)
    P.O. Box 876, Auckland. (on 94-icis.htm)- - >

  9. The Reynolds' Texas Centennial Page (Scott # 776)
    Original URL:

  10. Identify Stamps, by Marco Sampaio, Portugal
    Original URL:

  11. Postal History of Worcester, Massachusetts, by Bob Track
    This Link Posted at:
    Original URL's:

  12. Indian Philately: Catalog 1947-2004,
    Original URL:

  13. Mansoor Bolar's Indian Stamps : Sales, Exchanges (basic)
    Original URL:

  14. Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association, India
    Original URL:

  15. Hobby Time: Stamps from Iraq,
    Original URL:

  16. Medifila Online (news organ for "Gruparea de Filatelie Tematică Crucea Rosie-Medicină") of Romania
    Original URL:

  17. Malaya stamps: Syburi Maxwell, Singapore, (it's a start)
    Original URL:

  18. Mr. Sudhir Jain, India
    Social Worker, Writer, Philatelist
    Original URLs:
    Home page:
    His Currencey Collection :
    Jainism in Philately :

  19. The Stamps of Aruba: 1986-1993
    Original URL:

  20. Rhea's Stamp Identifier, Rhea Melanson (c. 1999)
    (She also had Cat's on stamps but I missed that... ;<)
    Original URL:

  21. Ian Billings' Break-up of the USSR &
    Stamps & Postmarks with a maritime theme (including Lighthouses)
    Original URL: et. al.

    Other Articles:

  22. Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - about Stamps; duh!)
    (an historical copy of one of the oldest stamp related websites)

  23. What Philately Teaches, John N. Luff (c.1899)

  24. USPS Publication 119 - Sources of (US) Historical Information (amended)

  25. A Catalogue of Nuclear Explosions on Stamps (.pdf)
    Compiled by Rev. John Walden (cc)

  26. The Stamps of Canada, by B.W.H. Poole (c.1908)

  27. Crusade Against Cancer First Day Cover Collection, by Mike Smith
    hosted elsewhere! but archived. (cc)

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  36. Our Philatelic Markings Identifier

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